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The Altered are humans that have been changed by the Anomaly storm's energy, giving them power over elemental and physical forces.

After the Outriders discovered the Anomaly on Enoch, it let forth an epic storm that forced the player back into cryosleep for 30 years. When they later awoke, the world had changed, and so had they.

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

"A History of Madness" by R.T. Eliot The Official Archive

Humans that have been transformed into god-like beings, capable of deciding the outcome of battles. Their powers seem inextricably linked to the Anomaly, though it is unknown to what extent While they are not immune to the Anomaly's effects, they are far more resilient Among other things, they possess supernatural strength, are capable of rapid healing, and even appear able to survive lethal injuries. These qualities have raised them to the status of living gods in many peoples' eyes, worshipped by many, answerable to none.

(...) A great deal remains unknown about the Altered, particularly in regard to the effects this state has on the mind. While the extent of their powers vary, many have demonstrated extreme, erratic and irrational behaviors, akin to the mentally deranged. Some believe that the mutations which make them Altered also damage the brain. Others say it is the very power they possess that corrupts them. Some are concerned that without the presence of more "moderate" Altered who can maintain the balance, such as Seth, the more extreme of them may seek to tear down the very walls and institutions that keep us alive. (...)

Known Altered[edit | edit source]




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