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Boom Town is an expedition.


Cullen is begging you to put a stop to Dr. Detonator and his bandits' abduction racket. Word is he got his hands on some Drop Pods' resources that helped him escalate his business. His hideout is located close to the road that leads from Deadrock Pass to Trench Town.


Missing information.


Update History[]

First Patch - April 9, 2021
  • Boom Town - Expedition time for Gold/Silver/Bronze adjusted to 390 / 589 / 776 seconds (Previously: 422 / 607 / 792)
    • Some Expeditions seem to be too generous in their required completion times when compared to others.
    • We want to avoid such disproportionate discrepancies, as we believe making all expeditions viable leads to a more diverse and thus more interesting endgame.

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