Devastator[edit | edit source]

Solo Gold 15s[edit | edit source]

Do anything with the best DMG and Survivability.

Skills: Gravity Leap, Earthquake, Golem

Weapons: Heir to the Desert

Gear: Seismic Commander's Helmet, Seismic Commander's Armor, Seismic Commander's Footgear

Mods: ?

Class Tree:

Dev Solo Gold tree.png

Rotation: ?

Details: The only thing you need to focus on to survive is keeping your bleeds up, the healing alone from the bleeds will keep you alive through anything this game has to throw at you.

Paired with 2x Gravity leap you can get out of any trouble that comes your way. You also have Golem as your backup.


Pyromancer[edit | edit source]

Fire Witch[edit | edit source]

A devastating nuke-based build that relies on weaving skills together.

Skills: Overheat, F.A.S.E.R Beam, Eruption

Weapons: Inferno Seed

Gear: Helmet of the Lava Lich, Upper Robe of the Lava Lich, Lower Robe of the Lava Lich, Charms of the Lava Lich, Boots of the Reforged

Mods: Detonator, ETNA, Giga-Blast, Improved Damage, Pompeii, Pure Power, Size Matters, Wrath of Moloch

Class Tree:

Build Fire Witch tree.png

Rotation: the following sequence will reduce downtime as much as possible:

  • Overheat -> FASER Beam -> Eruption -> Eruption -> Overheat -> Eruption -> FASER Beam -> Overheat... etc.


  • Starting with Overheat provides a 12% Anomaly Power boost, damages all enemies (+24% dmg) in close range and marks them, displaying enemy nameplates. By displaying their nameplates to the player, Overheat has effectively worked as a sonar to scout for opponents, allowing you to target enemies at a distance and behind cover with your FASER Beam.
  • The cooldown of Overheat is the shortest (6 sec), which allows the player to weave Overheat between three other skills to maintain the buffs and consume the Burn debuff applied by the FASER Beam.
  • The final skill in this rotation is Eruption, which does high damage but has a long cooldown. It’s crucial players fill this void with a combination of FASER, Overheat and firing off their weapons.
  • Effectiveness of the Fire Witch heavily depends on the player’s ability to maximize damage per move/optimal player positioning when attacking, e.g. hitting as many enemies as possible with a single F.A.S.E.R Beam.


Technomancer[edit | edit source]

Build Name[edit | edit source]






Class Tree:




Trickster[edit | edit source]

Shield Maiden[edit | edit source]

A good mix of Damage and Survivability.

Skills: Time Rift, Venator's Knife, Twisted Rounds

Weapons: Grim Marrow (or any LMG), and a secondary with Weapon Leech

Gear: Any with the Mods below.

Mods: Strong Twist, Shield Zap, Double Time, Plate Dodge, Eager Edges, Blue Blood, Additional Mag, Phantom Dash

Class Tree:

Build Shield Maiden tree.jpg

Rotation: Twisted Rounds until it ends > Venator's Knife > Time Rift > repeat...


  • Use an LMG to start and destroy some enemies until Twisted Rounds runs out. Twisted Rounds adds a lot of firepower, and with mods you can have an extra 15% as well as 10% weapon leech, and it'll last for two clips.
  • Launch a boss or multiple enemies in the air with Time Rift to give yourself a breather or let yourself focus fire on a single enemy without having to worry as much about getting shot yourself. The cooldown is also quick, which helps with survivability.
  • Then, with your secondary weapon, preferably with Life Leech, use Venator's Knife to slow the enemy for about 10 seconds and mark them, making your first shot deal double damage. Pair this with Time Rift as it’ll suspend those enemies in the air even longer.
  • Wait for Twisted Rounds to be available again, then repeat the cycle.


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