We're not on Earth, Shira. There is no proper procedure.
— Charles Maxwell

Charles Maxwell is a Sergeant Major in ECA. He is in command of an platoon of the Outriders who aided the colony mission aboard the S.M. Flores during a time of crisis on Earth. He was originally sent to help during the first few days of the Flores' journey.

Maxwell is very hostile to Captain Jack Tanner and his Outriders, which does not comfort Captain Simon B. Archan.

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

"We're not on Earth, Shira. There is no proper procedure."

A high ranking ECA Officer and superior of Shira Gutmann, Engineer. Maxwell is in charge of overseeing the landing on Enoch, and seems to hold a fair few ambitions for his own future. Doesn't seem too keen about giving the Outriders an easy time of it.

Born in the U.K long after his country had left the E.U. for the second time and was half-sunk into the North Sea, his world was one of Dickensian destitution and depravity not dissimilar to the Dark Ages of England's feudal past. But Maxwell was clever and driven, a political animal from an early age, able to dig himself out of that morass on the strength of his relentless mind.

By the time Bruno Nyberg was elected president of the ECA Maxwell was already long attached to his hip as his brash and brutal young military advisor. He was never meant to have a seat on the Flores, let alone commanding a platoon of ECA soldiers, but Maxwell was never going to let that stop him from getting off Earth. He is self-centered and devious, and should not be easily trusted.


The enormous burden placed on Maxwell made him buckle and panic when the Outriders appeared to be affected by a deadly disease. He killed Jack Tanner and ordered the Outriders' extermination, to prevent the disease from spreading. He was killed shortly after, by the same explosion that wounded you.

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