There are four playable classes available in the game Outriders. The game allows each account to have up to six characters, so you are able to make at least one of each class.

Each class has eight skills in total, starting with a single one and unlocking more as they level up. Each class also has three sub-classes you spec out with the skill tree, and you are free to change that at any time.

To see a collection of suggested uses for each class, visit the Builds page.

List of classes[edit | edit source]

Class icon devastator.png Devastator: Close Range. Tank. Stand Your Ground.
Class icon pyromancer.png Pyromancer: Medium Range. Conjurer. Fire.
Class icon technomancer.png Technomancer: Long Range. Support. Gadgets.
Class icon trickster.png Trickster: Close Range. Hit & Run. Spacetime.

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