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Flight to Enoch is a section of the History and Lore category in the Journal. It details preparations for the interstellar trip to Enoch.


Expansion Project[]

Obtained with Journal during the Arrival mission.

Ark ship

A brilliant scientist, born in 1991, Professor Sybilla May Flores invented the eponymous gravity manipulation device which led to the construction of the GravDrive Engine, capable of achieving 15% light speed.

Her discovery led to the Expansion Project. Many countries around the world put aside their differences and came together to contribute personnel and resources toward the building of the interstellar Ark Ship. In its creators honor, the ship was dubbed the S.M. Flores. The Flores is powered by nuclear reactors and able to carry people. is equipped with 3D Printer Factory Modules that will use the raw materials of Enoch to build the infrastructure of massive colony cities.

Edwards Air Force Base, located in the Mojave Desert, was used as the base for a massive Space Elevator. More spaceports around the world, including Baikonur in southern Kazakhstan, Jiuquan in Northern China, Guiana in South America, and Uchinoura in Japan, were all used as launch pads for the rockets that would transfer personnel and resources to Earth's orbit, where the Flores was constructed.

The plan also involved creating a scout ship —The Caravel— that would reach Enoch before the Flores. Carrying a much smaller population, its mission was to find a suitable location for the colony, scout the planet and gather basic information. But instead, due to a catastrophic engine malfunction on launch, The Caravel never left Earth's orbit.

The S.M. Flores arrived at planet Enoch after decades of voyage, carrying only a fraction of humanity. (…)

Tickets to the Flores[]

Found in a room at the end of the Lumber Camp in The Stronghold. The room opens when passing through during the Life's Treasure sidequest.

The Caravel[]

Obtained with Journal during the Arrival mission.

Caravel – Mission Update

The forward reconnaissance and migration ship, the Caravel, was meant to reach Enoch after an interstellar voyage of 80 years, 3 years prior to the arrival of the S.M. Flores.

Along with other essential crew aboard the Caravel, the Outriders' objective was to scout the landing area and establish a safe zone for colony establishment, designate resource locations and gather relevant data, and prepare the ground for the arrival of the S.M. Flores. The future safety and prosperity of all colonists on the new world were in the hands of the Outriders…

Unfortunately, due to catastrophic engine failure at time of launch, the Caravel was rendered inoperational. In the chain reaction caused by the explosion, over 8,000 souls were lost, along with nearly the entirety of the Outrider team.

While the Caravel would never be able to accomplish its goal, the need for the Outriders remained. New recruits had to be found, to fulfill the mission of securing the surface of Enoch for the future colony. (…)

S.M. Flores Technical Specifications[]

Obtained with Journal during the Arrival mission.

Technical reports
Professor J.J. Karpinski, Year 2076

Ship Length: 2950m

Ship Width (including radiators): 900m

Ship Mass: Inert Mass (without fuel} 849355t

Payload Mass (including the Drop Pods): 200000t

Nuclear Fuel Mass: 3600000t

Hydrazine Fuel Mass: 40000t

Total Mass: 4689355t


The ship's enormous mass necessitated the assembly of the Flores in Earth's orbit. The transportation of materials to orbit, together with the manpower required to construct the ship, was a result of the combined efforts of multiple Earth governments cooperating. (...)

Among the most critical core components of the Flores that housed and shielded the passengers, crew, supplies and equipment brought to Enoch, were the Drop Pods.

Capable of short distance travel, atmospheric entry and autonomous piloting, the Drop Pods were small scale ships that would transport everything from the Flores to the surface of Enoch. (...)

After landing, they could be retrofitted as living spaces, warehouses, or production facilities. While the Flores was fueled by nuclear power, the Drop Pod engines were powered with hydrazine, a durable fuel that was easy to store and resilient to long distance space travel. (...)

The plan was for 3 Artemis X Class rockets to launch daily over a total of 35 years, carrying workers, specialist personnel and materials. In reality, it took 43 years until the Flores' construction was complete. (...)

Flores Flight Reports[]

Found in the slums to the right of the path to the Hounds' Warehouse from Rift Town's vendor area.

ECA Officer S. B. Archan
Year 2117

A major incident occurred during shift number 473. A shift engineer suffered a mental breakdown and after stealing a pistol from a weapons locker, he barricaded himself in the bridge. He screamed through the intercom that the mission was a death sentence.

A security team was able to cut through the bridge's doors with blowtorches. One guard was said to be mortally wounded before the engineer was shot down. (…)

Year 2149

Year 73. Ten more years until we reach Enoch. This is my last waking rotation with the maintenance crew. The next time I unfreeze from cryo, and go through my usual day of puking, at least I'll be seeing green valleys frost-tipped mountains, and my own cozy little abode within the first colony. Or so the ECA has promised.

This morning after downing enough coffee to unthaw my eyelids, I found myself going to the communications module as usual to check the messages. It's a little insane, how I keep checking for that green light. As though there were anyone still out there to send a message. If things had gone right, the Outriders would have already arrived years ago aboard the Caravel. They would have been the ones sending messages, letting us know that all we've heard about Enoch is true Instead they went and got all blown up and now we have to find out for ourselves.

At least, everything checks out with the ship About the only thing that's gone right. Back to cryo it is. After just one more cup of coffee. (…)

Year 2159

Without the protective measures installed on the ship we likely would never have reached Enoch. The Flores' sensors recorded millions of foreign particles in the ship's immediate perimeter during the flight. Those on a collision course with the Flores were destroyed by particle beam lasers.

With the ship traveling at 15% the speed of light, the kinetic energy of an impact with even the smallest of objects, not visible to the naked eye, would have been equivalent to being struck by several military grade missiles. Our greatest fears didn't come true after all. We made it. (…)

During flight, the vast majority of passengers and crew were in hibernation. A team of 50 crew members remained awake to oversee the ship's systems, to ensure it remained on course, and to perform any required maintenance on subsystems. The active crew spent most of their time in the crew centrifuge, which created an artificial gravity of 0,72G. The active crew rotated every 30 days, for a total of more than 1000 shifts over the course of the journey. (…)



Obtained with Journal during the Arrival mission.

ECA's and Outriders' combined Arsenal

Due to the uncertainty of what dangers humanity might face in an unknown world, the ECA and Outriders came prepared for all eventualities, including hostile fauna and internal unrest. (…)

Approximately 50 mT of armaments were brought aboard the Flores, primarily infantry weaponry, but also body armor and 10 mT of riot gear. Most infantry weapons were modular carbines that could be modified to adapt to a variety of engagements, from short to long range, from lethal to non-lethal. (…)

The Outriders were designated the Universal Modular Colony Truck (UMCT), a highly agile and adaptable vehicle that served multiple purposes, whether it was as a forward scouting vehicle, an armored personnel carrier, or a mobile research laboratory. The UMCT's body was made of thick metal plates reinforced with metal beams, making them very durable.

The ECA decided to use this multipurpose vehicle as it could be quickly retrofitted to serve different needs, with a variety of sockets and outriggers. The UMCT was later essential in the construction of the colony, serving as a reliable workhorse. The trucks' modularity allowed them to work as cranes, bulldozers, excavators, tree cutters, or simply as transport and cargo trucks. (…)