Jack Tanner is the captain of the Outriders.

Diary EntryEdit

”This planet is our last chance, Outrider. We won’t get another.”

A veteran of many of Earth’s worst, last wars. Tanner roamed the globe as the leader of a highly-trained group of mercenaries, lending their services to the highest bidder. After a great number of the original Outriders died in the Caravel catastrophe, the ECA approached Tanner with a proposition: Rebuild the Outriders, and embody their ideals to serve as humanity’s vanguard. After some hesitation, Tanner took the gig, and gathered together the best of his team. You were among the first he approached, and offered you a place at his side among the Outriders. Joining Tanner on the Flores is his daughter, Sarah, who also happens to be pregnant. She remains in cryostasis.

Tanner leads the Outriders on their first mission on Enoch. Their mission: to be first boots on the ground, and secure the planet for the half million souls aboard the S.M. Flores that will follow them down.

After several of your fellow Outriders became infected by the strange fungus in the forest, Tanner tried to defuse the situation and call for calm, but he was murdered by Sergeant Major Maxwell.

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