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This is a listing of all Legendary armor sets and pieces.

Descriptions next to each set are the signature set bonus perks that are only active when wearing at least 3 components of the set.

Legendary gear always has the same stat repetition on each piece (no random stats).

Class Specific[]






Universal Sets[]

  • Cannonball Set: Killing an enemy with melee skill replenishes ammunition in your current magazine.

Universal Pieces[]

Universal legendary armor pieces are one-off components and not part of a set.

  • Anomaly's Visage: Grants X Firepower and Y Anomaly Power bonus on skill activation for Z seconds.
  • Cranium of a Lost Creature: Boosts your Anomaly Power by X for each Elite present on the battlefield.
  • Explosive Temper: Heal yourself for X whenever an ally enters DBNO (down but not out).
  • Fighters' Mask: Incoming damage is reduced by 3% for each enemy in close range. stacks up to 8times.
  • Ivory and Bone: Critical hits on an Elite increases your Firepower by X for 5 seconds.
  • Lucky Ushanka: Doubles your Armor whenever your health drops below 35%.
  • Ol' Reliable: Increases the range at which enemies are considered to be in Close Range by 2 meters.
  • Ronin's Amigasa: Critical shots increase your Anomaly Power by X for 6 seconds. 7s CD.
  • Tanner's Hat: Boosts your Firepower by X for each enemy in Close Range. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Sergio's Beret: Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you X Firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.