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Notes is a section of the Misc category in the Journal.


Hound's Note[]

This sucks. Murch won all the money I had left playing cards and even after we caught him cheating he still wouldn't give it back! Then this drunk Eastern European guy appeared out of nowhere, stole the vodka I was trying to use to raise money to get the fuck as far away from here as possible. That was after he puked on my only shirt and broke my fucking gun.

Which sucks because Barker said that, without a gun he's not going to send me out And since meals only go to Hounds who go out, I ain't eaten more than a few worms in two whole days now. This really sucks (…)

Maybe things'll change once we take control of the market and people have to buy everything from us. Maybe then I won't never have to eat another worm again. I just gotta put the fear of hell in the vendors trying to organize against us. (…)

Eva's Letter[]

Found near the end of the first area of Hounds' Base, in a container left of the gate.

"Looks like the scumbag who killed Chang was telling the truth about the Hounds."

Mr. Chang,

I know you're itching to strike back, everyone with a stall is. But I can tell you from experience that fighting back against gangs like the Hounds doesn't make any difference unless you can take out their leader.

His name's Barker. and I know where he lives. But he's way too protected down there to attack straight on. We wouldn't survive long enough to get anywhere near him. Even the ECA won't make a move on him, their hands are too full fighting Insurgents.

But I think I've got a way to get close to him he wont see coming. In the meantime, try to stay safe and tell the others to sit tight.

-- Eva