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Obtained with Journals during the Arrival mission.

Home Planet

In 2032, the Earth began experiencing aggressive seismic activity. Some blamed it on secret weapons experiments carried out by the world's superpowers, a tectonic weapon that could target any location in the world and cause an earthquake. Another theory posed that experimental tech that could manipulate gravitational forces was responsible, causing some imbalance in the Earth's gravitational pull. Others believed it to be an unexpected effect of global warming already destabilizing the planet, among other series of natural disasters that awakened long-dormant volcanoes and kicked up skyscraping tsunamis.

Whatever the real reason, and perhaps they were all contributing factors, the truth was lost to history as the situation snowballed into catastrophe. Studies revealed that these earthquakes would only grow stronger and more frequent, disrupting weather patterns, toxifying the world's water supply, destroying cities, until Earth's surface became uninhabitable and all life on the planet would be eradicated within a century (…)

The world's leaders were able to keep the coming extinction-level event secret until 2048 when the first worldwide seismic cataclysm killed hundreds of thousands. Over the coming decades, as global disasters became routine — cities swallowed by the Earth, submerged by the ocean, or buried by mountains — the world descended into chaos. Global instability, anarchy, and riots engulfed the planet. Throughout this period, many nations tried to find ways to save humanity. Governments spent trillions building floating cities, space arks, vast underground bunkers. But in the end, humanity's inability to work together, and the sheer immensity of the task, led to failure for all but one project: The S.M. Flores and the Caravel. These two ships would embark on an interstellar voyage to the planet Enoch to find a new home for the last of humanity.

In 2091, the Flores' computers received the last message from home. As far as anyone knows, there is no longer any life on planet Earth. (…)


>>Contact with planet Earth lost
>>Initialize diagnostics check
>>Processing attempt #001 to reconnect to Earth


>>Processing attempt #28473 to reconnect to Earth

It finally happened. I accessed communications today and found the automated mission log reporting thousands of failed reconnection attempts with Earth. Diagnostics checks ruled out faults on our end, and backup comms systems report zero messages.

It doesn't feel real to write this. Earth is no more.

The Signal[]

Obtained after accepting the final part of the Reunion mission in Rift Town.

Dr Abraham Zahedi - Personal Notes

The first documented interaction with "the signal" occurred on landing day, the day the Outriders first descended on Enoch to lay the groundwork for the colony to come.

Recorded testimony by any Outriders themselves is scarce. The unknown Outrider who personally discovered the exploratory probe that relayed the signal did not survive that day although Grand Marshall Gutmann herself claims to have heard first-hand by radio the moment of discovery. All we are left with is the knowledge that a digital signal is broadcasting from somewhere beyond this valley and that somehow, impossibly, the signal predates the arrival of the SM. Flores itself. (…)

The implications of a technology that was broadcasting on Enoch before we set foot on this planet are tremendous, and many have speculated on the origin of the signal. But that is all it is. Speculation. Of much greater effect to our survival than hypotheses of advanced alien races and time travel, is the signal's very nature.

The fact that it's a digital signal necessitates that it is being broadcast by an electronic apparatus, a computer, an integrated circuit, a microprocessor. Every known device like this has been turned to useless scrap by the Anomaly. Which begs the question; with the Anomaly having destroyed all electronics, how is it possible that this signal is being broadcast at all? Could there exist a place outside the reach of the Anomaly? (…)