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Rift Town is a location on Enoch. It is the ECA's main base of operations and the last bastion of law and justice on the planet, at least for those who own a sizeable gun and know how to use it.

Story Recap[]

31 years since you went back into cryostasis on landing day. Now everyone is trapped in a valley that has turned into a warzone. The Anomaly has destroyed most of what's left of civilization, including all advanced tech and electronics. God-like beings called Altered roam the planet, you being one of them. Shira Gutmann leads the ECA as Grand Marshal. The Outirders are no more, except for Jakub Dąbrowski.

Story Points[]

  • Descend into the Hounds' warehouse to save Jakub Dąbrowski.
  • Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
  • Confront the Altered at the Tower.
  • Attend the debrief with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
  • Speak with Jakub to leave for The First City.

Journal Entry[]

Built inside deep ravines, Rift Town was built as a response to the storms that ravaged the First City, a safe haven that would provide natural protection from the Anomaly’s destruction. The ECA moved here after evacuating from a ruined FIrst City, and Rift Town has served as a crucial location ever since. Walking through the streets of this place, however, reveals the wretched conditions people live in. Neighborhoods of slums, the threat of death in every corner, all greeted by the tired, hollow eyes of Rift Town’s starving residents.

Operation Shelter - Scout Report[]

We have discovered a prime location we wish to submit for consideration, to satisfy the objectives of this operation.

There is a complex of rifts and ravines nestled beneath the mountains to the south-west of this valley. Walking through the ravines, there was not even a gust of wind able to pierce through them. They would serve as an ideal natural barrier against any storm that passed, and the narrow passes would greatly simplify the challenges to fortify and protect any settlement erected here. However, we would recommend the reinforcement of the cliffsides, to prevent any imminent disaster by sudden rockfall or avalanche.

We are confident the ravines are wide enough to accommodate all essential ECA personnel and infrastructure. The rifts are also a natural barrier in the event we need to close the gates to keep out non-essential personnel.

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