Shira Gutmann was an engineer in ECA and is currently the Grand Marshal of Rift Town.

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“Can you imagine what this world will look like in a few months… A few years? A brand new civilization… a second chance?

Shira is part of the ECA’s engineering team. As one among the Flores’ essential crew members, she’s had a hand in the ship’s construction and design, while it was still in Earth’s orbit. On Enoch, she’s been assigned to accompany the Outriders on landing day, to gather planet data analytics and oversee the technical side of the colony’s establishment.

Born in Tel Aviv, she had a troubled childhood in that city’s last years, before war and rising temperatures rendered the desert countries uninhabitable. Her father’s position as a high-ranking city-planner meant the family was able to escape before war tore through the country. Resettled in Montreal, Shira was able to get an Engineering education in one of the few cities that still supported universities. Shira did all she could to try and live a normal life, taking in stray animals, giving food to the hungry. But in a dying world, there was little room for people like her. When armed contact eventually creeped into Montreal, she abandoned her home and committed herself to the construction of Flores.

During her time in Earth’s orbital station, she supported her father’s work on the Flores. Shira recorded hundreds of hours of spacewalk while building the ship, and contributed to such systems as life support, hull reinforcement, and solar paneling. But even for skilled engineers like Shira, seats on Flores were hard to come by, even more so after the Caravel’s launch failed. Shira’s father, the only one in the family with a guaranteed seat, gave up his place for his daughter.


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