Solar Tower is a location within Rift Town.



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Once built as a hub for the production of solar energy, the Solar Tower ceased serving its original purpose when the Anomaly fired the solar panels. The tower has since served as a lookout point for the supply route that Rift Town has come to depend on, and control of the tower effectively grants control of the route.

Department For Energy And Industry - Status Report

There is no response from the solar panels, all the cells appear to be burnt out. We have tried to analyze the wear level on the batteries, but even out testing equipment is now malfunctioning.

Our workers sustained multiple electrical injuries during the examination of the tower's systems. I believe whatever caused this system wide malfunction, it overloaded systems beyond capacity.

The Solar Tower will remain out of commission for the foreseeable future, until a cause for this breakdown can be determined. For public safety reasons, the area will be locked down.

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