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Some weapons, abilities, and enemy attacks can apply a Status Effect. There are 8 primary Status Effects, separated into three commonly-held categories: Crowd Control (CC), Damage over Time (DoT), and Debuffs. Status Effects can be inflicted onto players and enemies. Some status effects have a means to remove or dispel them through various actions.

There are Attributes, Mods, and Class Tree nodes that can make Status Effects more powerful. When used consecutively, the duration of Ash or Freeze gets shorter. Status Effects are weaker against Elite enemies due to their Status Resistance.

An enemy or player can only have one stack of each status effect at any given time. A new application of the status effect will reset the duration.

Players can be granted Status Immunity through certain item Mods. While the effect lasts, you are completely immune to all status effects and enemy attacks will not apply them.

Primary Effects[]

Crowd Control[]

Status Ash.png
Ash: stops an enemy's or character's movement and attacks
Status Freeze.png
Freeze: stops an enemy's or character's movement and attacks
Status Slow.png
Slow: reduced movement and attack speed

Damage over Time (DoT)[]

Status Bleed.png
Bleed: receive damage over time (while moving for player)
Status Burn.png
Burn: receive fire damage over time
Status Toxic.png
Toxic: receive poison damage over time


Status Vulnerable.png
Vulnerable: receive increased damage from all sources (aka Exposed)
Status Weakness.png
Weakness: decreased damage dealt

Other Effects[]

There are many other buffs and debuffs as well.

+/- Effect Description
+ Anomaly Damage Up ?
+ Anomaly Leech Up ?
+ Armor Up ?
+ Health Regen Up ?
+ Health Cocoon ?
+ Resistance ?
+ Penetration Resistance ?
+ Sacrificial Mark ?
+ Speed Up ?
+ Anomaly Armor ?
+ Anomaly Damage ?
+ Armor Penetration ?
+ Bullet Hell ?
+ Can Be Revived ?
+ Damage Resistance ?
+ Extra Armor ?
+ Focused Shot ?
+ Freezing Bullet ?
+ From the Ashes ?
+ Golem ?
+ Impale ?
+ Minigun ?
+ Physical Damage Up ?
+ Poison Bullet ?
- Anomaly Mark ?
- Armor Penetration Up ?
- Slowed ?
- Armor Down ?
- Incoming Anomaly Damage Up ?
- Armor Down ?
- Incoming Damage Up ?
- Incoming Weapon Damage Up ?
- Receive More Damage ?
- Resistance Down ?
- Stunned ?