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The First City is a location on Enoch.

Story Recap[]

Seth, a mysterious Altered, insisted you fulfill your purpose as an Outrider, to find a way out of the valley, while he deals with the threat of the Insurgent Altered...

At Shira's, you learned the signal you detected 31 years ago is still being broadcasted. Shira's been searching for it ever since to no avail, but with the frequency in your hand there may finally be a chance to find it. Shira believes the only way to explain a digital signal outliving all other electronics is that the signal is coming from somewhere beyond the Anomaly. This is the only hope for humanity has.

Dr. Abraham Zahedi can help you track it down, but he was captured in the First City.

Story Points[]

  • Search the First City for Abraham Zahedi.
  • Rescue Zahedi.
  • Reach the other side of the river.
  • Speak with Jakub to leave for Eagle Peaks.

Journal Entry[]

The first human colony on Enoch, established by the ECA shortly after their arrival. After the storms, riots and decades of war, both the inner city and the slums surrounding it have long been abandoned by the Authority and most of its inhabitants. This is Insurgent territory now and many of them roam around, trying to scavenge for scraps while navigating through the pockets of radiation and monster nests.


After careful consideration of the satellite imagery, along with the ground observations provided by the Outriders, despite the unfortunate demises of Captain Jack Tanner and Sgt. Major Charles Maxwell, the ECA council for city planning have come to a unanimous decision.

The first human colony on Enoch will be constructed in the western area of the valley selected for the Outriders' landing. The location is ideal for the quick and efficient extraction of primary resources, and for the two lakes on either side that will serve as an ample source of water and energy. As it was for many great cities on Earth, the First City will be located among seven hills, with a river flowing through that will become the heart of the colony. (…)

With the colony located inside Enoch's temperate climate zone, many will find relief in the cool summers and cold winters, as opposed to the sweltering last decade we endured on Earth. We might even be graced with snowfall for the winter holidays. (...)

Side Quests[]

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