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The Gate is one of the locations on Enoch.

Story Recap[]

You managed to survive the Anomaly Storm thanks to August's mystical ritual with the strange obelisk, although Bailey tried to stop August believing the native's intentions were not good.

In the scuffle, Bailey was hit by a surge of Anomaly energy that gave her Altered powers. She revealed her true face and turned against you, but her powers faded, and she was crushed under rubble.

Channa insisted that for her vision to become true, Bailey has to come with you. But Jakub Dąbrowski was absent from Channa's vision.

August has joined your crew to help Tiago guide you through the forest. From a distance, you can see a gigantic ancient gate.

Story Points[]

  • Deal with Kang's pursuing forces.
  • Clear a path forward.
  • Find a way to pass through the Gate.

Journal Entry[]

Dr Abraham Zahedi - Research Notes

Having reached further inside the forest than I believe anyone has, we came upon a gigantic gate that occupies the length of the horizon and blocks the only way forward.

Everything seems to point to August's ancestors having built this gate, the same lost civilization that built the ancient ruins we came from. Why would they build this gate? As the classic questions goes: Were they trying to keep something out, or something in?

All we know is that the signal is being broadcast from beyond this point. But what lies behind it? What new horrors await us?

Side Quests[]

Story Collection


Allies Enemies
  • Unknown


  • Abandoned Sanctuary
  • Aqueduct Passage
  • Horrific Sculptures
  • Marshland Obelisk
  • Overgrown Terrace
  • Ruined Memorial
  • Verdant Courtyard

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