Trench Town is one of the locations on Enoch.

Story Recap[edit | edit source]

You arrived in Trench Tow. The place justifies its name and is led by Grand Marshal Corrigan. He is the only one that can grant you passage through the minefield that lies between you and the forest, the direction the signal is coming from. You fully expect Corrigan will want something in return for the favor.

Story Points[edit | edit source]

  • Meet Grand Marshal Corrigan.
  • Speak with Jakub to leave for the Wreckage Zone.
  • Push back the Insurgents in No Man's Land.
  • Talk to Jakub to continue to the Quarry.

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

"A History of Madness" by R.T.Eliot

The Official Archive

Led by Grand Marshal Corrigan, the town lives up to its name. Built after the war began, as an outpost inside a network of trenches, Trench Town secures the ECA's northeastern territory. Trench Town itself is so close to the frontline it's practically a part of it and, for the soldiers and their families that were sent here, it exists because they had no choice but to turn their battlefield into their home. [...]

Over the years, little of the original outpost remains but the network of trenches and bunkers. Conditions are harsh on the surface, with constant bombardment affording its residents little space to breathe. This predicament drove many people to seek shelter by digging deeper, extending the floor of the trenches underground. Flooding is common, and trench foot has become a rite of passage. [...]

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