Wreckage Zone is one of the locations on Enoch.

Story Recap[edit | edit source]

The signal is coming from the direction of the forest. On the road to it, you encountered a sign warning of a minefield, blocking you from going further.

You stopped in Deadrock Pass, hoping to find a way past it, but no luck. Grand Marshal Corrigan seems to be the only one who can get your convoy past the minefield. His associate, Marshal Bailey, has offered to introduce you to Corrigan if you help her transport her prisoner to Trench Town, where he resides.

Strangely enough, the prisoner and Jakub Dąbrowski seem to share some history.

Journal Entry[edit | edit source]

A remote area on the other side of the lake, the Wreckage Zone is comprised of roughly the eastern half of the First City and what was once the Industrial Zone. The entire area was irradiated when the Flores' engine melted down. The giant wreck of the deadly engine still occupies the horizon.

Braved only by the suicidal and desperate, the Wreckage Zone's husks of old buildings are populated by numerous monsters. Scavengers can be seen trying to haphazardly navigate the pockets of radiation in a miserable search for valuables left behind by the City's former denizens. If caught inside the deadliest of these radioactive zones, the human body will swiftly succumb to radiation poisoning and expire before the day's end. Those who are careful can avoid these zones, but prolonged exposure will still lead to a painful death.

Insurgents have been known to attempt crossing the Zone, seeking to launch surprise strikes on Trench Town. Although these amount to nothing but suicide attacks, they can deal great injury to the town's morale.

Grand Marshal Corrigan has been known to sentence traitors and other worst offenders to exile inside the Wreckage Zone, but less so on his more charitable days.

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